Endoscopic surgery vs microscopic surgery

  • Patients are often confused by these words
  • Endoscopic vs microscopic vs open surgery
  • Below is some tabulated information on these type of surgeries
  • Every procedure has different indication and it varies patient to patient
  • Laser surgery- it is a layman term often used for endoscopic spine surgeries


Endoscopic surgery vs microscopic surgery

Purpose Decompress nerve Decompress nerve
Incision 8mm 2 to 3 cm
Anaesthesia GA- Interlaminar

Local anaesthesia- Transforaminal

All surgeries under GA
Stitch Stitch less 3 to 4 Stitch
Hospital Stay 24 hours 48 to 72 hours
Blood loss Minimal Around 50 ml or less
Postop pain Negligible Minimal in first 24 hours
Tool used Endoscope Microscope

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