10 facts about Spine Surgery…

The spine is the structure which supports your back . Spine problems are painful & have direct impact on Individual’s physical stability and quality of life if ignored. Now a days Spine surgery has become very advance and safe too but do you really need it or not is Still a question mark for many. What is more dangerous then the surgery itself is unawareness of certain fact .I have shared 10 different facts about spine surgery and hope you will find it useful :

1. Very few patients actually need spine surgery.
2. Rehabilitation is the first choice of treatment.
3. True indication for spine surgery is only weakness in lower limbs or bladder bowel involvement.
4. Surgery done for sciatic pain is relative indication.
5. Most of the times pain gets better with medications and rest.
6. Open large incision surgeries have very limited indications in Spine surgery.
7. With advancement of technology minimal invasive surgery is the treatment of choice.
8. Microscopic surgery is far different from endoscopic surgery.
9. Endoscopic surgery has many different types.
10. All types of surgeries have only one common aim- to decompress the spinal nerves.


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